Don’t worry

Our software looks after all connectivity on your network. Leaving you to your day job…

Let us take the work out of your network.

Our plug and play hardware alongside our powerful software gives you peace of mind that all the elements in your network are behaving themselves.

We’ve got this

Connectivity & hardware packaged to drive peak performance

Faster Broadband

High Quality Voice

Improved WiFi

Improved Fix Times

Improved Resilience

Estate Management


Why are we waiting?

It’s time to avoid the spikes & stress you put your network under; this is much more than download capacity.

Take the pressure off your router with Layer 3 switches

Improve performance with Ad Blockers

Content Filter to increase performance

Take the WIFI out of the cupboard and place our access points in the right locations for maximum signal


Find a happy place

Voice is the most time-sensitive application on any network; that’s why it needs the most care. Make sure your phone calls are as clear as day.

Prioritise voice by giving it its own dedicated channel

Take away the router controlling the packets with Layer 3 switches

No more downtime; backup your broadband with our system failover


Locating the pulse of your network

Want the strongest signal for your network? Maximise the strength of your connectivity by using byroute’s WiFi access points.

Heat mapped AP’s strategically placed to give you the strongest signal

Multiple SSID’s under one broadband with guest access

Restrict personal devices eating your bandwidth


Ever feel like a headless chicken?

Take control with a full analysis of your network by using our powerful diagnostics tool.

Deal with a problem before it escalates with our real-time alerts

Put the manual down and find the faults with our overview diagnostics

6-hour SLA with our care level 4 for BT line reassurance


Super-powered availability for your broadband

Don’t let your network be the damsel in distress and ensure you’re always connected, whatever happens.

Failover if one broadband circuit fails, without you ever knowing

Take the pressure off the router with Layer 3 switching

Two broadband circuits running at all times

VoIP priority on second circuit


Always play with a full hand

Analyse and manage all your devices on one holistic platform – this is management overlay made easy.

See how all your devices are performing in one platform

Adapt, modify and make any changes to suit your network’s needs

Automatic updates of Firmware & configuration

Instant alerts if a problem arises


If your not on the list, your not getting in.

Let us be your eyes and ears on the ground.

Port forward

Limit access to your network to certain approved sites

Access to our international blacklist system which bans suspect IP addresses

Tailor the web content filtering to blocking non-work related sites (gambling, social media, or adult content)

What do you need?


Cloud based network management portal.

byroute receives monitoring data from each component & provides you with real-time network performance updates.


Dedicated Broadband

Dedicated Gateway / Router

Dedicated Switch

Dedicated Wireless Access Point(s)

byroute Gateway / Router is required to provide base data. The byroute software will work with other switches but will not provide switch management on the portal.